- Post your prediction and win prizes.

About PredictIt

PredictIT is a straightforward and easy cricket prediction game. Unlike other Fantasy Cricket Games, you do not need to download to play.

There is no need to spend time preparing your team, joining the contest, and then sharing your prizes on winning.

Participate in Prediction Polls, Back your prediction with Predicts Playing Points & Start winning Redeemable Points.

Isn’t That Simple?

Play game with Playing Points & win Redeemable Points.

On Signup, you will get 1000 PPP (Playing Points). You can use these Playing Points while posting your predictions.

On correct prediction, you will get Redeemable Points which you can use to buy stuff from our store.

How PredictIt works? welcomes Cricket Enthusiasts, Fans, Pundits & Experts to back their prediction with Predicts Play Points (PPP) and Win Predicts Redeemable Points (PRP). Encash PRP them with Gadgets and Discount Coupons at Our Store.

  1. Step 1: Join us

    You can predict as a guest, but why do you want to do that when you have a chance to win prizes? Join us now, and you will get 1000 PPP to play the predicting game.

  2. Step 2: Select A Match

    Select a match from the list of Live & Upcoming Matches. Remember you can only participate in the Upcoming Matches. As soon as the match begins, all polls will be closed.

  3. Step 3: Post your Prediction with Backup Amount in PPP (Predicts Playing Points).

    As of now, you can participate in the following prediction events/games:

    Who will win today’s match? Match Winning Team / Match Result.
    Here you have to predict the outcome of the match. You also need to Set the Backup Amount.
    If your prediction stands correct, you will win an equal amount of PRP.
    For example: If you use 100 PPP in your prediction, you will get 100 PRP.

    Batsman to score Most Runs
    Here you have to predict which batsman will score the most runs in the game.
    Pick your Best Batsman and Set Backup Amount.
    You will win 10X amount of PRP on correct prediction.
    For example: If you use 100 PPP,
     you will get 1000 PRP on the correct prediction.

    Bowler to take Most Wickets
    Here you have to predict which Bowler will take the most wickets in the game.
    Pick your Best Bowler and Set Backup Amount.
    You will win 10X amount of PRP on correct prediction.
    For example: If you use 100 PPP, you will get 1000 PPP on the correct prediction.

    Man of the Match
    Here you have to predict which player will get the Man of the Match award.
    Pick a player and Set Backup Amount.
    You will win 20X amount of PRP on correct prediction.
    For example: If you use 100 PPP, you will get 2000 PRP on the correct prediction.

    Within 24 hours of completion of the match, PRP points will be credited to your account.

What all you can buy with Redeemable Points?

PredictIt Redeemable Points are the highest value as far as any reward point system is concerned. Do check out our Online Store and compare their points with prizes.

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In case, the listed product is not available in stock, you will get cash vouchers of the same value.

For example, If you redeem 1200 points for Swiggy 400 INR worth coupon, and if that is not available, you will get 400 INR Cash via GooglePay.

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